The Stone Chiefs

  • The Stone Chiefs are experts at creating distinctive guitar driven rock-n-roll. Fresh yet familiar, The Stone Chiefs’ music has the timeless feel of a lazy Saturday afternoon flowing into a late night party. A lot of bands out there can Rock but very few can Roll. The Stone Chiefs are one of those bands. This band isn’t about pretentious wanna-be rock star bullshit. They are about soul, power, charisma, blood, sweat, and fists in the air. So, the next time you see their name on the marquee, check them out. You’ll be glad you did. Bands with this much grit, skill, and fortitude don’t come around very often.

    The Stone Chiefs



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    Powerline Mag selected The Stone Chiefs as the best new hard rock band of 2011!



    The Stone Chiefs’ Drive On album has been chosen as one of the best CDs of 2011 by the staff at Manta Ray Pictures!






    Click here to listen to LET IT RAIN on the ReverbNation player!

    Here in NC, it’s going to be mildly warm and rainy this Christmas week, so instead of Let It Snow for Christmas, let’s sing Let It Rain instead. Let It Rain is Dallas’ tune. He wrote the fine lyrics + music. The song features David on lead guitar, Aaron on rhythm, BT on bass + Barbara Weathers of Atlantic Starr on backup vox. Enjoy!

    …and thus concludes our posting of all 13 songs from the album on the book of faces along with brief descriptions of each. To read about any of the others, please scroll below for the dated postings. Thanks!






    Click here to listen to MOUNTAIN on the ReverbNation player!

    Track 2 on the album is Mountain. Aaron Wiig wrote this rocker after a day snowboarding in the Rockies and does a blistering solo at the bridge. The song is in G tuning. Dave is also on guitar, BT on bass…and of course, Dallas rockin’ the vox and Twig beating the skins.





    Big news, everyone! The song Drive On was selected to be on a compilation CD for Classic Rock Magazine. Classic Rock Magazine is a UK publication and the magazine + included CD has already started arriving via mail to its subscribers in the UK. Next, it will be available in EVERY Barnes & Noble store in the UK + US! It’s a great mag…Aaron bought the previous issue and we were all reading it in the band vehicle on the way up to NYC the other week. We are on the CD with other known artists such as Mastodon, Chickenfoot, Alice Cooper, etc. It’s a great honor and hopefully, we’ll reach a lot more ears!





    –> Click here to listen to INNOCENCE on the ReverbNation player!

    Innocence is track 12 on the album. BT debuted this to Dallas, Dave and Aaron one night in his condo while playing it on an acoustic + loop pedal, but BT’s MEOW MEOW MEOW’ing vocal melody needed lyrics. Dallas thankfully stepped in and wrote some. The bridge features BT doing a Dick Dale-esque tremolo picking part over a nice rolling bass line from Herr Wiig. We hope you dig it!





    –> Click here to listen to COME DOWN on the ReverbNation player!

    It’s a cold and rainy day here in NC, so here’s a rainy day tune named Come Down for this week’s song. Dallas wrote this song that has a dreamy, Pink Floyd-y vibe to it. Twig adds a sweet, distinctive drum beat, BT plays lead + sound FX dude, Dave is also on guitar and Aaron on bass. At 3:08-3:23, the chime-y guitar switches right-left with the roller coaster pick slide…a part made for headphone listening!





    –> Click here to listen to DRIVE ON on the ReverbNation player!

    Drive On, the title track on the album, is a song BT wrote. Lyrically, it uses the visual imagery of a drive through the remote countryside as a metaphor for driving on through life’s obstacles (“even if the night is long”) until things get better (“til tomorrow rises with the dawn”). Musically, it has booming power chords in the chorus + a solo by BT + ***GASP!*** a rare appearance by Dave on bass!!! haha. Hope you dig it…





    –> Click here to listen to YOUNGER on the ReverbNation player!


    Younger is a song written by Dallas Perry about the fiery days of youth. The song features a catchy chorus + fine backup vocals from Barbara Weathers of Atlantic Starr + keys from Chris Johnson. Aaron throws down the first solo, Dave the second. Enjoy!




    GET UP & GO

    –> Click here to listen to GET UP & GO on the ReverbNation player!


    This week’s song, Get Up and Go, is a simple rock song that BT wrote about breakups and relationships gone sour. It’s not meant to be taken seriously…more tongue-in-cheek…especially since the protagonist ends up in the upper hand position of telling the other to not let the door hit ’em in the ass on the way out. Whereas originally the song had words like “lady”, it ended up with gender neutral words like “sugar” so any listener could identify with it. The song was originally written in E, but Dallas asked that it be brought down to help with vox, so we dropped the 6th string and key to D and…voila!





    –> Click here to listen to MATE OF MINE on the ReverbNation player!


    This week’s song is one that has been on our player for a while – Mate of Mine. Dallas wrote the happy-go-lucky lyrics over music that he, Dave and BT each had a hand in creating. This song just kind of came together and got written in practice back when Dallas was…well, 25 like the lyrics say. As one reviewer said, the song also has the only known Conan O’Brien shoutout in rock haha. Oddly enough, since this song was written, Conan went to the Tonight Show, got dumped for lame-o Leno, took a long hiatus, then came back to TBS.





    –> Click here to listen to CLOSE THE DOOR on the ReverbNation player!


    This week’s song, Close The Door, came together on a whim. Before Twig joined the band, we had a brief drummer-free period during which we recorded a few acoustic tracks at Aaron’s house. BT showed up one week with the Close The Door acoustic guitar line that he had just made up a few days before in the D-tuning. Dallas took to it and showed up the next week with lyrics and a vocal melody. Boom, instant song.

    We used the original recording of the acoustic guitar track for the album, but Dallas re-recorded the vox in the studio + keyboardist Chris Johnson came in and laid down the synth effects. We have never played this song live and it wasn’t even going to be on the album, but Aaron happened to play it for Jeff Creed of Studio 313, who really liked it and had a promoter he knew in L.A. really take to it as well. That promoter is currently marketing this song to various outlets like TV, film, etc. Hopefully, we get bites!





    –> Click here to listen to MY LITTLE ANN on the ReverbNation player!

    This week’s song is My Little Ann. David Arnn wrote this song about hope and true love…inspired by what else…a woman. It also mixes in characters (Old Dan, Little Ann) from the book Where The Red Fern Grows. Twig adds a distinctive beat. BT adds slide. Aaron adds bass. Dallas adds pimpitude. Enjoy.





    –> Click here to listen to VICES on the ReverbNation player!

    Ahhhh…vices. We all have them. Some of us more than others. Well, Dallas Perry has written a mighty fine song about this very thing. Give a listen and also click on the following link, where Dallas himself provides more detail about the song’s meaning.





    –> Click here to listen to STRAIGHT PIPES on the ReverbNation player!

    This week’s tune is Straight Pipes…a rockin’ closer to our new album that begs to be cranked up while driving fast down the road. It began as a hard chugging riff in drop D that Dave jammed on for years. Dallas wrote gritty lyrics that verbally accentuate the hard sound. BT throws a revving slide part on top. Aaron/BT add a bridge where Dave lays a mean, snarling guitar solo. Turn it up!



    Today, The Stone Chiefs will be starting a 13 week song hype campaign where we’ll hype one of the album’s 13 songs per week + post it on the ReverbNation player for you to hear. We’ll try to give you some insight into the songwriting process behind the song along the way, too!


    This week is Moxie week.

    –> Click here to listen to MOXIE on the ReverbNation player!

    Moxie has an up-tempo, happy-go-lucky swagger to it that meshes well with the warm weather and sunshine-y good times of the current summertime season. Moxie is a Dallas Perry song. DP showed up one day to practice with the lyrics and music already written.

    Over time, the band added a few minor tweaks along the way. BT thought that adding some Clash-esque, punk, sing-along backup vocals would make it pop and he and Aaron knocked those backing vox out in the studio. This is one of the first songs we debuted to Twig when he tried out for the band and his energetic drumming really made the tune groove and move on another level.

    The bridge of the song features a nice guitar solo duel b/t Aaron and Dave. The first half of the solo has Aaron ripping a sweet, blistering solo over a surf-rock-ish bass line groove that BT came up with. In the second half of the solo, David takes over to throw some kickass riffage over the rhythymic pauses.

    The song then segues to an ending with more sing-along MOXIE!!! choruses. Enjoy! …and hold your beers up and help us out with the backup vocals at the next show!